Story. Over. Everything



Pendance is an independent film festival supported by a bevy of great sponsors and key artists in the Canadian film community. We exist to give a serious platform to innovative storytellers and to spark a new love affair with cinema among modern audiences starving for truth and meaning on the big screen. Our slogan ‘Story Over Everything’ effectively sums up our event in eight syllables.




Pendance has a unique vibe. Our audience is chock-full of diverse, intelligent, and enthusiastic cinephiles. All of the talk around the festival is about the art and craft of cinema. Our elegant gala sets the mood with a glass of wine, live jazz performances, and an intimate atmosphere for artists to connect.


We’re big believers in the law of attraction. It is this immutable law that has compelled the best filmmakers from around the globe to submit to our young festival, and it is the same law that has drawn in so many amazing people to attend our screenings.


We take the time to thoroughly learn about our selections and the people behind them. We plan to create a lounge in 2019 for all selected filmmakers to congregate during the festival, with complimentary food and drinks always on hand. For our 2019 edition, we’ve also committed to providing hotel accommodations in Toronto for those flying in to screen their films.


We believe that our unique ability as a brand to connect with people is a driving force behind our growth in 2018, and we plan to keep a strong organizational focus on audience satisfaction and building meaningful relationships with filmmakers and key collaborators.


Toronto is one of the most diverse, and rapidly growing cities in the world. Already home to the Toronto International Film Festival each fall, we hope Pendance gives the film industry a reason to make a second trip north of the border each year.