EDITING BETWEEN THE SCENES – Feb 25, 1pm – Carlton Cinema


Editing is filmmaking and Jeffrey Michael Bays could write a book on everything you don’t know about editing and story structure. In fact, he did write a book. Pendance founder Robert Misovic has often credited this book as changing his entire philosophy on filmmaking, and it is in this workshop that Bays can guide emerging and established filmmakers about everything they’re not seeing when they begin editing their films.


The process of editing starts well before the film gets to the editor, and understanding the art of editing can dramatically shift the success of any film. As part Pendance Doctrina’s mission, this workshop extends the tradition of free workshops for filmmakers. Space is limited so sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Jeffrey Michael Bays

Jeffrey Michael Bays is an American filmmaker and radio producer, best known for his award-winning radio satire ‘Not From Space’ on SiriusXM.


This pioneering audio production was listed by Time Out magazine as among the top five essential radio plays of all time. He also wrote two books on film theory: ‘Between the Scenes’ and ‘Suspense with a Camera.’


Jeffrey was born and raised in mid-Missouri to parents from the US Navy. Being from the Midwest gives him a homespun sense of humor that permeates all of his creative endeavors, but at the same time a pioneering drive to reach beyond and find new ideas to explore.


In 2004 he journeyed to Australia to make his first feature film, ‘Offing David.’ It was this homage to Alfred Hitchcock which inadvertently launched Jeffrey as an expert on Hitchcock cinematic techniques, becoming known as the “Hitchcock Whisperer.” Jeffrey holds an MA in Cinema Studies from La Trobe University in Melbourne.

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