Our Team

People behind Pendance
Founder & Lead Programmer

Robert Misovic

Robert Misovic is a Canadian film director, writer, cinematographer and producer. He’s a published author and a co-founder of both Pensare Films and the Pendance Film Festival. Born in the former Yugoslavia, Misovic moved with his family from New York to Toronto in 1998. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2011 and began filmmaking in 2016 and has now produced 10 films under the company Pensare Films, including the feature film 'The Intersection'.

Artistic Director

Toru Gabriela Miyake Gallardo

Zurich-born Toru Gabriela Miyake Gallardo moved from Tokyo, Japan to Toronto, Canada in 1998. She has worked as a make up artist and aesthetician and has studied medical aesthetics at George Brown. Toru is a member of the Pensare Films Collective and has worked on five projects with the company to date including; short films 'Stain', 'The Intersection', 'Penny', and the music video 'Transfixed' and continues working towards her goal of directing films in the near future.

Designer & Senior Programmer

Anastasia Buterina

Originally from Moscow, Anastasia is an uber-talented addition to the Pendance team. She brings experience through her design and organization work with the Reelworld Film Festival, as well as valuable insight in the curating process. Buterina is the founder of Shut Up & Yoga online magazine, and has worked on 5 films over the past 2 years. These films include; Better than Garbage, Penny, The Fort, Allurement, and most recently on 'The Intersection', a feature film in which she served as the second assistant director and producer.

Programmer & Coordinator

Robert Cormier

Robert Cormier is an actor, writer, and producer from Toronto, Ontario. He's appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and advertisements. While still relatively new in the film industry, his rise to date has been almost unprecedented. It's a testament to his hard work, determination, and commitment to the craft of acting. 2019 is Cormier's first year working with Pendance.

Features Programmer

Barry Germansky

Barry Germansky is a playwright, screenwriter, director, and producer. He graduated summa cum laude from York University in 2013 with an honours BA in humanities. He's written countless screenplays, stage plays, and directed the 2016 feature film 'A Journey to a Journey'.

Gala Director

Tijana Milenkovic

Tijana Milenkovic brings fifteen years of experience directing, assistant directing, producing, production managing and story editing licensed factual TV franchises such as; Survivor, X Factor, and Wheel of Fortune. Other experience includes work on TV crime dramas, feature films, and talk shows. She holds a BFA in directing from Academy of Arts, Belgrade.

Operations & Programmer

Aharon Jinjihashvili

Aharon Jinjihashvili is an Israeli filmmaker and photographer. He studied film at Camera Obscure Film School and acting at the Ivana Chubbuck Acting School in Israel and decided to move to Canada in order to pursue his dream of directing films. Aharon also attended at the InFocus Film School in Vancouver.

Filmmaker Relations

Masha Litvinava

Masha Litvinava is a third year student at Schulich School of Business, and has a strong interest in the film industry and theatre. She's worked as a production assistant on the ACTRA short film 'Fearfully & Wonderfully Made' directed by Raolat Abiola, and has also been a production assistant on the feature film 'The Intersection'. This is Masha's first year working with Pendance.

Event Coordinator

Andjelika Javorina

Andjelika graduated from the University of Toronto and NYU. She has performed with the Canadian Idols and scored 5 films; Tangerine Crossandra, Nights of Contrition, The Hallway, Stain and Allurement. She has performed for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for the Chinese Consulate, and Serbian Consul General in Toronto. She’s also a member of SOCAN and ORMTA.