Red dress. No straps

Toronto Premiere | United Kingdom | 8 min

Director: Maryam Mohajer

Writer: Maryam Mohajer

Stars: Maya Naraghi, Arash Ashtiani

Country/Language:  UK/English, Persian

Notable Festivals: Edinburgh International Film Festival, Flickerfest International Short Film Festival

Synopsis: 1985. Tehran. Iran-Iraq war. For ‘Marmar’ it is another ordinary afternoon at the grandparents’. The echo of ‘Death to America’ chants from the morning school assembly mixes with ‘The voice of America’; grandad’s favourite radio program. Marmar is waiting for granny to make her a dress exactly the same as the glamorous American Popstar; Bright red. No straps.

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Maryam Mohajer

Maryam Mohajer was born in Tehran, Iran just before living through revolution, war, and immigration. With a background in painting (BA in painting, Tehran Art and Architecture), she discovered animation after moving to UK in 2000 and got her MA from Royal college of art. She lives and works as an animator, director in London.


Maryam Mohajer