A Glimpse

Canadian Premiere | UK | 10 min

Director: Tom Turner

Writer: Tom Turner, Sam Berrill

Producer: Rebecca Harris

Director of Photography: Ali Farahani

Stars: Rachel Shenton, Chris Overton

Country/Language:  UK/English

Notable Festivals: 

Synoypsis: A blossoming relationship unfolds when two strangers have a chance encounter in a London cafe.

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Tom Turner

Tom Turner graduated from The University of West London with a degree in Film Production in 2013. His award winning directorial debut ‘Lapse’ was described as the biggest production in the University’s history. His writing debut feature length drama/comedy ’Phishing’ became a semi-finalist in the Scriptiplooza Screenwriting Festival. More recently, his horror short film ‘The Tooth Fairy’ screened in festivals worldwide and won the Spotlight Horror Short Film Award in 2016. In 2017 Tom was Assistant Director on live action short film ‘The Silent Child’ which picked up the Academy Award for ‘Best Live Action Short Film’ in March 2018.


Rebecca Harris