Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Her Into a River

Canadian Premiere | Netherlands | 87 min

Director: Ben Brand

Writers: Ben Brand, Ilse Ott

Stars: Nino den Brave, Senna Fokke, Wim Opbrouck

Country/Language:  Netherlands/Dutch

Notable Festivals: Warsaw International Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival

Dutch director Ben Brand (97%, Life is Beautiful) brings his feature directorial debut to Pendance for its Canadian Premiere. Starring Nino den Brave, Wim Opbrouck, and Senna Fokke, and featuring the stunning cinematography of Paul Özgür (Variety’s Top 10 Cinematographers to watch, The Wound, Prince). The film screened at the prestigious Warsaw Film Festival.

Synopsis: A brash teenage boy faces a whirlwind of consequences when his video of his younger sister committing an act of animal cruelty goes viral.


Ben Brand

In 2010 Ben Brand graduated as a director from the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. With his graduation film ‘Day by Day’ he won the grand jury prize for best short at the international Scottish Arts & Film festival in Edinburg. In addition, his commercial for the Young Director Award festival in Cannes (2011) won the Golden Hammer in Latvia, the Silver Drum in Slovenia, a Cresta Award in New York, got nominated twice for the Cannes Lions and gained over 50 million views worldwide.

In 2013 Ben also made two shorts; ‘Life is Beautiful’ (3D animation) and ‘97%’ (Live action). These films have been shown at over 100 international film festivals and won numerous awards, including audience awards in France, Germany and Holland, a best director award at the Cinefiesta film festival in Puerto Rico and a best animated short award at the Tirana int film festival in Albania. 97% also represented the Netherlands in the Live action short film category at the Academy awards (2014).


Ben Brand