A Handful of Dust

Canadian Premiere | United States | 18 min

Director: Grayson Whitehurst

Writer: Grayson Whitehurst

Stars: Eileen Weisinger, Atticus Cain, Dannah Basgall

Country/Language:  US/English

Synopsis: Dr. Neal Goodman enables terminal patients’ right to die through the practice of mercy killing via his one-of-a-kind device. But when he sets out to fulfill a mother’s request to euthanize her “terminally-ill” daughter, he discovers that his procedure is the crux of an elaborate cult ritual that tests his ethics like never before.

Grayson Whitehurst

Grayson Whitehurst

Grayson Whitehurst is an award-winning filmmaker who recently graduated from The Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film/Television at New York University. His narrative work has toured festivals worldwide and gone viral more than once, and his latest project, a MasterCard advertisement featuring Red Bull Athlete and WSL 2018 Ride of the Year surfer Ian Walsh, aired during the Masters. Beyond directing commercial and narrative short form, Whitehurst is currently working on developing his debut feature.