Mano a Mano

Canadian Premiere | France | 22 min

Director: Louise Courvoisier

Writer: Louise Courvoisier

Producer: Bruno Morat

Stars: Abby Neuberger, Luca Bernini

Country/Language:  France/French, German, Italian

Notable Festivals: 

Synoypsis: Abby and Luca, a couple of acrobatic artists, travel to perform from stage to stage. Their relationship is getting worse. The time of a trip by camper, they will have to face their problems and try to regain confidence in one another.

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Louise Courvoisier

Louise Courvoisier has learned screenwriting in the National Cinema School “La Cinefabrique” in Lyon, France. She graduated in 2018 with a short-film she directed “Mano a mano” about circus artists, and won the first price at Cannes film Festival, Cinéfondation.
Before being a filmmaker, she was also a singer and circus artist with her family. She likes to use this experience in her films.


Louise Courvoisier