Monster God

Ontario Premiere | Argentina | 11 min

Director: Agustina San Martin

Writer: Agustina San Martin

Producer: Maca Herrera Bravo, Lucila de Arizmendi

Stars: Sabrina Grinchspun, Camila Dobrusky, Emilio Vodanovich, Isabella Rapazzo, Mariali Rubio

Country/Language:  Argentina/Spanish

Notable Festivals: 

God is now a Power Plant.
On a misty night cows escape, a child is chosen, and a teenager tries to find freedom.


Agustina San Martin

Agustina San Martín was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1991. She studied filmmaking at University of Buenos Aires, Screenwriting with Juan Jose Campanella and Director of Photography. In the University she was a screenwriting professor.

Agustina worked as Director of Photography in various films, likeThe Future Perfect (2016), of german director Nele Wohlatz, which premiered and won Best First Feature at Locarno Film Festival, won BAFICI BAL, Zinebi, and was part of the International Competition at Mar del Plata Film Festival. Also, the shortfilm “Héctor” from chilean director Victoria Giesen, premiered this 2019 at the Berlinale in the Official Competition.


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