On My Own / Mogu Sam

North American Premiere | Serbia | 17 min

Director: Nikola Polić

Writer: Ognjen Obradovic

Stars: Dejan Dedic, Jovana Gavrilovic, Tamara Krcunovic

Country/Language:  Serbia/Serbian

Notable Festivals: Bašta Film Festival, FEKK – Festival Kratkega Filma v Ljubljani


Synopsis: Marko is living a lie. He has convinced his boss, his friends, casual strangers, and his mother that things in his life are going well. Through a series of seemingly irrelevant events, Marko must finally confront the truth that he has tried to bury for so long.


Nikola Polić

Nikola Polić was born in Loznica in 1993. He is currently in his final year of studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, at the department of Film and Television Directing. Nikola made his first documentary film “The Invisibles” at the age of seventeen.

His films “The Invisibles” (2010), “The Wall” (2012), “Kino-operator 2063” (2013), “On my own” (2018), were shown and awarded at many festivals in Serbia and abroad.


Nikola Polić