Canadian Premiere | United States | 12 min

Director: Melissa Farman

Writer: Melissa Farman

Stars: Elliot Decker, Emily Chase

Country/Language: US/English

Synopsis: A reclusive mother and her young son celebrate the end of their relationship before she releases him into the world.

Melissa Farman

Melissa Farman

First time director, Melissa came to directing through acting. Having grown up in Paris, she moved to LA after booking a recurring role on the TV show “Lost”. She has since worked with award-winning directors such as Mary Harron, Mick Jackson, Jay Roach, to name a few, who encouraged her to develop her own material and execute her vision as a storyteller. Most recently, she shadowed showrunner Laurie Finstad and collaborated with writers in building her lead character’s arc on the Feminist Western “Strange Empire”, now out on Netflix.

With “Ready” as her first film, Melissa wanted to portray the women she knew as a child, whose sublimations inspired her own artistic sensibilities. Melissa graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2013 from the University of Southern California, where she majored in Political Science and English Literature.


Melissa Farman