Canadian Premiere | Israel | 15 min

Director: Lynn Laor

Writer: Lynn Laor

Producer: Lynn Laor

Editing: Lynn Laor

Cinematography: Amalia Banay

Casting: Adar Sigler

Stars: Emily Maduel, Lior Gallner

Country/Language: Israel/Hebrew

Notable Festivals: 

Synoypsis: Two 10-year-old girls are trying to relieve the boredom of Shabbat in the religious town they live in. And then comes the darkness.

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Lynn Laor

Currently in her fourth year of film studies at the Minshar School of art, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Script, Directing and Editing – ‘Rushes’ (13 min, 2017)
Script, Directing and Editing – ‘Summer’ (15 min, 2018)
Script, Directing and Editing – ‘SOMEWHERE’ (15 min, 2019)

Co-Editor of ‘Girl With a Fork in a World of Soup’ directed by Yotam Knispel, which won “Best Short Film” at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2018, won “Best Editing award” in the Tel-Aviv international student film festival 2019, shortlised for the Israeli Oscars –
“Ophir awards” 2019

Actress and Editor,
Board member for ‘Shaham’ (the Actor’s guild of Israel) 2012-2017.
Member of the Israeli Directors’ Association.


Lynn Laor