The Sunset Channel

Canada | 17 min

Director: Matthew Kinahan

Writer: Matthew Kinahan, Ben O’Neil

Producer: Lucas Ford

Stars: Simon Lee Phillips, Timothy  Mooney, Glen Grant

Country/Language:  Canada/English

Notable Festivals: 

Synoypsis: A housebound man thinks he might be the only witness of a disturbing event on his television.

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Matthew Kinahan

Matthew Kinahan is a filmmaker and musician currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. Upon his graduation from Ryerson University’s film program in 2015, he has primarily worked as a composer, with work featured on CBC, TSN, and film festivals across the continent. In 2017, he won “Best Score” at the New York 30Under30 Film Festival for the acclaimed short film ‘Game’.

‘The Sunset Channel’ is Matthew’s directorial debut.