The Wall of Mexico

Canadian Premiere | United States | 111 min

Director: Zachary Cotler & Magdalena Zyzak

Writer: Zachary Cotler

Stars: Jackson Rathbone, Esai Morales, Carmela Zumbado, Marisol Sacramento, Xander Berkeley

Country/Language:  USA/English

Notable Festivals: SXSW Film Festival

Synopsis: A wealthy Mexican family decides to build a wall around their ranch to stop townspeople from stealing their well water.


Zachary Cotler & Magdalena Zyzak

Zachary and Magdalena wrote and directed Maya Dardel, which world premiered at SXSW in 2017 and was released theatrically by Samuel Goldwyn and MGM/Orion. Theodore Zachary Cotler (born 1981) is an American filmmaker, poet, and novelist. His first film, Maya Dardel, premiered in the Narrative Competition at the 2017 South by SouthwestFilm Festival and was acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Orion Pictures. His second film, The Wall of Mexico, premiered at South by Southwest in 2019. A third film, When I’m a Moth, came out shortly after the second. Magdalena Zyzak was born in 1983 in Zabrze, Poland. In 2002, she moved to the USA to study film production and literature at the University of Southern California. After producing the feature film Redland, Magdalena attended Columbia University’s graduate program in creative writing and received an MFA


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