Space Girls

Canadian Premiere | UK | 10 min

Director: Carys Watford

Writer: Carys Watford

Stars: Bella Padden, Anika Selvarajah, Helena Albright, Emily Albright, Sophia Capasso, Laurence Pears, Evan Cregan

Country/Language:  UK/English

Notable Festivals: Rhode Island International Film Festival, Gasparilla International Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival

Synopsis: During a sleepover, four space-obsessed 9-year-old girls embark on a secret mission in their cardboard rocket. ‘Space Girls’ is a film that celebrates the power of the imagination and the importance of girl power.


Carys Watford

Carys Watford is an award-winning Writer/Director of comedy and drama live-action short films. She is passionate about making comedic, female-led films packed with personality and heart. Her films have competed internationally at Oscar & BAFTA- qualifying festivals.

Her latest short film, ‘Space Girls’, won the Grand Prize Children’s Live Action Short Film Award at the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival. She is a member of BAFTA Crew & was shortlisted for Zealous’ Emerge Film Prize in 2018.